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Welcome to our Women’s Health Blog! My name is Hannah Fleming-Hill, and I am an intimate health specialist, as well as the owner of the New U Clinic in Nottingham, where we treat incontinence and sexual rejuvenation using the revolutionary BTL Emsella treatment. In this series of articles, I, and other women’s health specialists will be discussing a wide variety of topics surrounding women’s health that just don’t get talked about enough. Ultimately, the blog is aimed at sharing information, encouraging discussion, and breaking down the taboos surrounding intimate health for us ladies!

It isn’t intended to be just about me and what we do at New U though – as much as I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to talk about such important issues, and why I feel so passionately about what I do, we also have some fantastic guest blogs in the pipeline from experts on menopause, pelvic health, and intimate wellness  who will be sharing their knowledge and stories too.

And more than anything, we want to hear what you think too! Please feel free to respond at any time with any questions you might have, and we’d love it if you would share your own experiences too. The comments section below each post is a great way to share your thoughts with other readers, and to contact me directly if there are any topics that you would like to see discussed, please email hannah@newu.uk.com.

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Are you experiencing muscle cramps in your intimate areas? Do you feel like something is bulging from the inside into your vagina? If you do, then this blog is packed full of info that might be just what you’re looking for! At New U, we don’t shy away from the ‘taboo’ topics.


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